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Mistakes To Avoid For An Awesome Fish Snorkeling Tour

Going on a fish snorkeling tour is such a great way to gain an appreciation for the majesty of the ocean. You get some physical activity in the process and usually get to learn a bit about the wildlife and plant life in the region you are visiting. Before and during your tour, your guide will likely give you plenty of instructions regarding things to do. These instructions are important and will help you have a fun, safe time. However, there are also some things you'll want to avoid doing during this activity. Take a look at these common mistakes and learn from them.

Mistake #1: Booking a tour that's above your skill level.

Snorkeling is not terribly difficult, but there is some skill involved. Someone who has snorkeled 20 times before is generally going to be more comfortable in the water and less in need of instruction than someone who has never snorkeled. Be honest about your level of experience, and book a tour that caters to that level. You won't have fun and may even be unsafe if you're the only novice snorkeler in a group of experienced snorkelers. 

Mistake #2: Getting "drawn in" to going under.

Are you the kind of person who, upon discovering something beautiful, has to get closer and take a closer look? If so, you'll want to remain very aware of this tendency when snorkeling. You can't go so deep that the end of your snorkel goes underwater, or you'll start breathing in the water! As you start to snorkel, remind yourself to stay near the surface and admire from afar. 

Mistake #3: Touching the fish and other creatures.

It can be tempting to reach out and touch a fish, coral, or anemone. These creatures are often so bright and colorful that they just pull you in. Your tour guide will likely warn you not to touch anything, but plenty of tour participants still do, and they pay for it later. A surprising number of sea plants and fish can cause rashes and irritation if you touch them. It's best to assume they all do, and just touch as little as you can. Plus, touching these life forms is not healthy for them, either. Look, don't touch — it's the motto of snorkeling.

If you're able to avoid these mistakes, you should have an even more enjoyable time on your snorkeling tour. Enjoy! For more information on fish snorkel adventure tours, contact a professional near you.